Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best of Bike Week...Bikes, Babes and Beers

So, if there was a calendar version of the babes and bikes of Laconia, which I am sure there is, this would be my version.

And, I have come to realize the old man can't be trusted with the camera.  Plenty of babes, not enough bikes...we are going to have a little chat. Some of our better shots. Enjoy!

See ya next year, Laconia!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laconia Bike Week - 2011

This past June, Laconia celebrated its 88th year of hosting bike week, and as usual, the weather did not fully cooperate.  We drove up on Saturday, yes, we trailer-ed the bike but shhhhh...its a secret. I promised not to tell. Apparently that is not cool, but I had a cast removed from my ankle the day before and wasn't supposed to be walking, never mind hopping on and off the back of the bike. So there...

As we drove up in torrential downpours, we saw very few bikes, but those we did see were taking cover under overpasses. Temps dipped in the low 50s and visibility sucked. Our warm, dry, truck really wasn't looking so bad. Because of the weather, we decided to check in to the property we were staying at. The Wolfeboro Inn in Wolfeboro, NH...

Wolfeboro Inn, NH
I know...this sure as hell doesn't look like the type of place one would stay for bike week.  And, it really isn't, but my company gives me a discount for certain properties and this was one of them, so what the heck?  I was unsure how we would be treated pulling in with a truck and trailer, and even lined up a place to park the trailer if there were any concerns, but I worried for naught. They were very kind and accommodating, even let us check in a few hours early. Decided to grab at bite to eat at the Wolfeboro Inn Restaurant - Wolfe Tavern.  It was warm and cozy inside and I basically had to be pried off the bar stool to go meet up with some friends at the Weirs.

Wolfeboro Tavern
I know I sound like a wimp but only the brave and hearty riders were out this first Saturday of Bike Week, the manly-men basically, and I am neither manly nor a man so cut me some slack.

The Looney Bin
We rode from Wolfeboro over to the Weirs and met some friends at the Looney Bin.  Though it was not overly crowded, it was lively. Music in the back under the tent, the Jameson Girls and Jack Daniels Girls on site...scored some sweet swag. JD Girls were giving out free samples of a new whiskey with a touch of was quite tasty.  Hung for a while with some good friends and as soon as skies brightened, we tried to make a quick getaway but no such luck, caught in another downpour...and I swear I saw sleet.

Rode around the entire lake. Ended up back at the Inn with a nice crackling fire and warm cookies placed in our room. Awesomeness. Sunday was a much better day, cloudy and damp but no rain. Great for walking around. Arrived down the Weirs and there were a lot more people out, but still a very light crowd. Cars were allowed to drive down Weirs Blvd, which usually is not the case.

Hobbled around the ankle was not happy with me. Too much, too soon, but didn't want to miss anything.

Crowds got heavier as the day progressed, skies lightened a bit..

Those who go, know this is not a typical scene on Weirs Blvd. 

The Winnipesaukee Railroad was up and running and provided rides between the Weirs and Meredith Harley for $15 rt.
Winnipesaukee Railroad


Always a cool collection of bikes

and vendors

and chicks

Made our way across to the Drive-in parking lot where there were plenty more vendors, beer tents, and bands.  Plenty of pretty ladies waiting to serve...

But no one was there...

Felt especially bad for the band...they were great though, 80s rock n' roll.

Since there was a not a lot of action, we decided to cruise around the lake and visit a few of our favorite places.  Stay tuned!

Contact Info
Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
211 Lakeside Ave
Weirs Beach, NH

Wolfeboro Inn
90 N Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH

Friday, July 1, 2011

*****Happy Independence Day, America!*****

I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. 
~Lee Greenwood