Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does what happens in Vegas, actually stay in Vegas?

Perhaps, but since this trip was rated PG-13...well, maybe an 'R', I thought it'd be okay to share. I've been to Vegas many times and usually do the same thing, gamble, drink, shop, repeat. This visit, I wanted a taste of life outside the strip...is there life beyond the strip, you ask?  Why, yes there is, thanks for asking! Here's my version:

First up, before we even checked in to hotel, we made a reservation with EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals located on Arville Street, few minutes away from strip. We've rented from another company before but prefer this one now because they pick up and drop off at hotel so no cab fare - about a $40 savings RT.  I know this, because they forgot us...after calling they told us to take a cab and they would reimburse fare. Finally arrived, they didn't have our reservation and were completely out of bikes. At this point, I'm thinking Divine Intervention is at work here and we should just call it a day. Plus, I'd been up since 3am and was beyond bitchy...though I didn't show it...I've worked in Customer Service, I know the drill...you get more bees with honey than with vinegar, and in this case, honey got us a bike. Whew! Not sure where it came from and wasn't our choice of bike, but whatever. Rolling with the punches.

After taking a spin around the building, we were off...on our turquoise Ultra Classic. Ick, was my first reaction. Now, I have to admit I have discriminated against this bike, seemed to me to be a two-wheel version of a mini-van (don't get mad at me if you ride one, I eventually come to terms with it!).

I have fought tooth and nail my entire adult life to stay away from a mini-van...yes, it is convenient, yes, there is plenty of room, blah, blah, blah...but where is the coolness factor? There is none and I felt the same way about the Glide...yes, it is comfortable, yes there is more room, but isn't it for old people? Stuck in traffic on the strip, with bobble-head rental helmets, the only thing missing was a neon-orange flag poking up off the back. To get some of our coolness back, we went to the first dive bar on my list - Double Down Saloon, on Paradise Road, which is behind the strip...somewhere, I suck at directions.

The sign out front indicates Double Down is the 'Happiest Place on Earth'...I thought that was Disney, but I'm thinking a bar that makes a bacon martini might have Mickey beat.

First stop was the restroom, there was some pretty good art in there. Do you think Picasso did his best work sitting on the john? Looked like some artists may be wasting their good talent on bathroom walls. Oh, and the toilet was duct-taped together with some cardboard. Some ladies might be horrified, perhaps even some men, but not me...I was starting to like the place...

Since I had been on the plane all day and hadn't had a chance to eat, I was starving. This was dinner...

Unfortunately, food is not served at Double Down, though you can get a twinke and some a$$ juice for $5.  And, in case you were wondering what a$$ juice looks like...here it is.

Actually sweet and more of a girly shot. Needing some food, we ventured off to Mr. D's Sports Bar and Grill at 1810 South Rainbow Blvd. It's a bit a way from the strip but known for being biker friendly and has cheap beer. Our kind of place.

 After surviving a long winter, the bikes under the lit palm trees were a welcome site.

Beers were a couple bucks, burgers and sandwiches were around $7 and were delicious.

Busy inside with a local crowd. People wanted to know how we found the place, but I don't divulge my secrets...unless it is on my blog...for the whole world to see. Found both places on yelp.com.

During our conversation, we learned that our bartender was also from Massachusetts, not far from where we live...it's small, small world...says the top she was wearing. I kid...just jealous, don't listen to me.

A beer, a sandwich and stick a fork in me...DONE. Longgg day of planes, trains and automobiles...and motorcycles, so we hopped on the bike, rode back to the hotel and parked in the free parking garage. Plenty of spots and the majority of hotels on strip have them, so not to worry if you decide to rent.

9pm in Vegas...in bed. Viva las Vegas!  

To be continued....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is in Fashion at Seacoast Harley-Davidson

Recently spent the afternoon at a fashion show at Seacoast Harley-Davidson in North Hampton, New Hampshire....not the same as Hampton, NH. That might be obvious to most, but unfortunately, not for me...ended up at a vacant lot. Thank goodness for the gps.

We arrived at 2pm, the starting time of the show and were surprised to get the very last parking spot...well, had to make our own, really...banked the truck in a pile of snow.  We were also surprised to see the show had started right on time and had already begun. Not sure why I was surprised....I tend to run late and am always a tad shocked when events start without me. :-) In any event, it was standing room only at that point, and even then, space to see stage was tough... my problem, not theirs.  

 In the main showroom, the music was pumping and the runway was ready for the models.

The hosts/emcees of the event were employees of Seacoast, all decked out in H-D gear...proceeds for this show were going to the New England Walkers for Knockers, a group that particpates in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and has raised over $100,000 to help fight breast cancer. The group also holds a bike run out of Seacoast some time in the fall. More info can be found here:

On to the show...there were models of both sexes, all ages and different sizes. Harley seems to be catering better towards women now, a bigger selection of fashionable hats, belts and boots...and after all...who does the majority of the spending?

A rider's staple, jeans are always in style...

A nice lightweight jacket, and short-sleeve shirt will be great for warm summer rides

Thigh high boots and skinny jeans are big this season and look hot...

In keeping with its location, Seacoast Harley has a nautical theme with a large sailboat hanging from its ceiling that was above the runway.

Back to the show...is this a typical married couple, or what? She wants to hold hands and he is ignoring her...hmmmm...I think it was more because his real wife was in the audience, but not sure.

New from H-D this season is their 'Pink Collection'. Pretty in pink and ultra-feminine. Portion of the proceeds are donated to Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization, which provides support to breast cancer patients. http://www.y-me.org/

Something for the ladies...

Think it worked for her.

That was a tough act to follow but this guy pulled it off nicely with a new short-sleeve button up for warmer weather.

After the show, the store was crowded with shoppers, even got myself a lil something. Well, a $50 lil something...Harley clothing, though I love it, is ridiculously overpriced. Captive audience, I suppose.

In addition to the fashion show, Texas Roadhouse was on site serving up some tasty BBQ.

Seacoast H-D is a great dealership. Bikes are on the top floor, which was also busy on this day. I hope people were buying bikes...get the economy pumping.

Though it was a winter day, it was sunny and a bit mild...and mild for us New Englanders is 30/40 degrees, so several road their bikes to the show.

Seacoast H-D also runs the store in Rochester, NH and has recently acquired the Boston H-D. Looking forward to exciting things from this dealer.

Contact Info:
Seacoast Harley-Davidson
17 Lafayette Road
North Hampton, NH 03862
Phone: 603-964-9959

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paramount Harley-Davidson Warms up a 'Chili' Winter Day

Paramount H-D, in Framingham, MA, recently hosted a chili contest sponsored by the Metrowest HOGS. And what better way to warm up a cold, winter day than a piping hot bowl of spicy chili.
This February day I joined many guests and other members of  New England HOG chapters to sample and vote on our favorite chili.

There were ten entrants in this year's contest. Judges each paid $5 to taste and vote for their favorite chili. All proceeds for the event were donated to Metrowest Harvest, which distributes food to local shelters and food pantries. This unique organization picks up high-quality, unused food from weddings,  banquets, and events and delivers to those most in need.

The Paramount H-D service manager graciously closed the service bay for the day so there was ample room to walk around and sample the entrants. The dealership also offered a 10% discount on apparel and accessories to HOG members.

The ladies of Metrowest HOG pulled it all together...sold tickets, collected money, tallied the votes, etc.etc. etc...ya know, all the grunt work us ladies have to do...

Just like real men eat quiche, real ladies eat chili....quiche does suck though, doesn't it?

Scraping the bottom of the pan for the good stuff ...think this one was a fave

Chili today...hot tamale...

Thankfully there was a late contender because the trays were licked clean. The new batch was devoured as quickly as the first ten.

Paul Yorkis, chapter secretary and activities officer of Metrowest HOG,  tallied the votes...

 May I have your attention, please....the winners of this year's Metrowest HOG Chili Cook-off are:

3rd place goes to... David D.

 2nd place winner - Mark L.

 And the winner is...drum roll, please.......Rick L.

Congrats on your wins, gentlemen. Each entrant had their own special recipe, some had corn, some beans, some without, all had different levels of heat. The winner Rick has worked hard to perfect his recipe and has won several competitions. When asked if he would be willing to share his secret, he said, “I’ll tell ya what’s in it, you’re not going to be able to recreate it!” Oh, it's onnn....see you next year, Rick!

Contact Info:
Paramount Harley-Davidson
266 Waverly Street
Framingham, MA  01701

Metrowest HOG
 Disclaimer: If you do not want your photo posted on blog, shoot me an email and I will be happy to remove :-)