Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday....bloody, Funday!

Entrance to Lincoln Woods
For many, Sunday is a day of rest but not for these cowpokes.
Sunday is a day to ride in search of local biker-friendly establishments or to visit some of our favorite destinations. Sometimes with a group of friends and other times, just the two of us. It's a day of fun and the perfect way to prepare for the long week ahead.

This past weekend, we chose to visit one of our recent, yet quickly becoming a favorite, biker-friendly find.

Lincoln Woods State Park, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island is an easy find off 95 on Rte. 146. There is no entrance fee, however, there is a $2 charge for a private picnic area with fireplace.

Throughout the park, there is a beautiful lake with a public beach and canoe and kayak rentals.  Next to the beach there is a large, paved parking lot.

We have visited a few times this summer and hung out in a few of their picnic areas. Some are easy to park in with packed, level dirt spaces, however, some are on hills with a lot of rocks. Before paying for the picnic area, we drive around to see what is available, which ones are easy to park in, and have some privacy and then head back to the front office.  We have found the perfect spot, pictured below.  But...I'm keepin' it a secret!  Want to make sure it is there for us the next time we visit. :-)

Look at that view...and, only $2 to reserve for the day.

Favorite site
So this is the set-up...we (or shall I say, my husband) bring a bag of charcoal, a stocked cooler and all the fixins' for a bbq.  Then, my favorite 'spatula-man' does what he does best and fires up the harley travel grill (don't have one? No worries...there is also a bbq/fireplace pit in most, if not all, sites). 

Picnic at Lincoln Woods

The end result....not your average picnic meal, is it?

Keep in mind that the park is 'trash in, trash out'. Meaning no trash barrels...you leave with what you came with.  We found out the hard way on a previous visit with a couple of friends...had to ride around on the back of the Harley carrying a bag of trash. Wish we got a picture. 

After a quick clean-up, we had dessert and watched as the sun set on a beautiful fall day in New England. Life does not get much better!

Oh, and the park is open year round from sunrise to sunset..and trust me, they do lock the gates at sunset!

Contact details:
Lincoln Woods State Park
2 Manchester Print Works Road
Lincoln, RI  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boneyard BBQ is Finger Lickin' Good!

Boneyard BBQ is located directly on Route 152, in Seekonk, Massachusetts.  The owners of Boneyard have combined their love of food and motorcycles and made a perfect destination for bikers and bbq lovers.

We happened upon the Boneyard on our way home from Colt State park. Driving down route 152, we noticed the flames on the front of the building and screeched the bike to a grinding halt...laid tracks...is that the term?  Okay, we didn't actually 'lay tracks', we continued past until we could safely turn around and then slowly drove back. Gauging from the painted skulls and orange and yellow flames, we knew this was going to be our kind of place.

As you can see from the pics, the outside is decorated in HOG colors with flames painted all around. There are several paved bike spots out front and a large paved lot behind the building.  The entryway is filled with posters of upcoming rides and information that is of interest to bikers.

We entered to a somewhat empty place, a little disappointing but it was a Sunday afternoon of a long weekend...think most businesses are slow on long weekends. As is the outside, the decor inside is geared towards bikers and motor enthusiasts in general, with skulls, license plates, old signs, and Nascar memorabilia. 

We were greeted at the bar by a very friendly bartender and were quickly served two ice-cold beers. Slowly a few families arrived for dinner and some bikers started to appear and the joint began to liven up a bit...as much as any place can on a Sunday afternoon.  A Nascar race was on the HUGE flat screen television and rock and roll was playing in the background. It had a nice vibe.

Since we had dinner plans, we did not plan to eat but the bartender convinced us to give the wings a try...I think they have won some awards...don't quote me on that...but there are a ton of sauces to choose from as well as several heat levels. All flavors are available in wings or tenders. I am the type of gal who prefers a fork and knife...so went with the tenders and chose the 'Black and Gold' sauce.  It was really good, little bit of sweet...little bit of heat.

Hubby, well, he is a straight up carnivore and doesn't mind eating with his hands or gnawing the meat right off the bone. In fact, he considers himself a wings connoisseur..he has spent a lot of time in Hooters locations across the country and has had his share of wings.  Anyway, his came with a generous portion of bleu cheese and were liberally coated in sauce.  Lotsa finger lickin' with these wings. He gave them two saucy thumbs-up.

We only sampled a couple so asked for a take-out container. We often can't get leftovers to go because boxes are always too big for the saddlebags.  Well, we were very excited when the bartender brought out a tall, plastic cylinder-type container with a lid. It's the the little things in life, people...

On our way out, a shiny new Harley was parked next to us....loved the color - a deep, chocolate brown. Looked so good, I wanted to lick it!  Don't worry, I kept my tongue in my mouth...will save the licking for our next visit to the Boneyard BBQ when I try the hot and spicy Dragon's-Breath tenders.

From the website, it looks like they have different specials each night, including a 30 cent wing night and 2-for-1 starter nights. We hope to get back soon on a Wednesday night when live entertainment is offered and spend a bit more time, have a few more drinks, and eat some more food. Can't wait!

Contact Info:
Boneyard BBQ
549 Central Ave, Route 152
Seekonk, Massachusetts

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shenanigans at State Park in Bristol, RI

Entrance to Colt State Park, Bristol, RI
Labor Day weekend this year was a gorgeous time in New England. Plenty of sun, blue skies with puffy clouds and perfect temperature. Conditions were excellent for riding so hooked up with a pair of friends we have known since high school...in other words....a longgg time! Great friends.

We have always had fun together so were very excited to try out one of their favorite riding destinations to Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.

After stopping at a local liquor store to pick up a beer...or two...we made our way to the park.  Not sure if there is an admission charge, there was nobody at guard shack so passed through the gate. There is a loop to drive around that borders the ocean then goes through some woods and around the bay.

We went the day after the so-called hurricane 'Earle' so water was choppy and winds were heavy but it was warm and felt good.  Riding along the edge of the ocean with the seaspray splashing up at us was pretty cool.

On this Saturday of a long weekend, the park was very busy, several large groups (reunions and weddings), lots of couples, families flying kites...whole smorgasbord of people. And still, plenty of space to spread out...lots of empty picnic tables with beautiful views. So we found a picnic table with a beautiful view and sat with our friends for a while. Pic below shows that even on a busy day, there are tables with space available.

Here we are with our 'beverages'...haven't drank out of brown paper bag in a long time, well not sure I ever have but it was kind of fun! Felt a little dangerous with my large beer can and brown paper bag...dangerous, you say?  Yeah, for me...it is...what can I say, I'm a bit boring.

Up to shenanigans at state park...shhhhh!

We were lazy and just sat and enjoyed each others company with a wonderful view but there is a lot more to do than just lounge. Colt Park has activities for all types...there is a bike trail, plenty of places to walk and hike, and we even saw some people fishing. 

We enjoyed our time so much we decided to go back the next day, just hubby and I. We packed a picnic and came back with our portable Harley charcoal grill.  We had concerns about the flame staying lit so drove around the back of the park to the bay side, which is much more calm. Seems to be less busy as well so it was very nice for our picnic for two.

Bay side picnic area
You can see from picture above that we had plenty of space, it was not private as we were close to the parking lot and there were families around flying kites, etc...but we had plenty of space.

Harley charcoal grill
So how cool is that little grill above?  Guys, let me tell you...it is worth the money, if you can find one. My husband cooked me a great lunch with boneless chicken, beans, and a salad...even served it with wine.  It was a phenomenal afternoon. and trust me..your lady will thank you for it...my heart grew three sizes that day...just like the grinch.

View across bay side

Only saw one bathroom but did not use it.  Real toilets though...none of this porta-potty nonsense. Garbage cans also seem to be lacking...perhaps it is 'take what you bring'...not sure.

We really enjoyed our time here and can't wait to go back.  Oh and bonus points for the Del's Lemonade truck making the rounds on both days.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Poker Run to Benefit 'Good Sports' Foundation

Pot Belly Pub, Millville, MA
Seems each weekend there is a wide variety of charity events offered, giving bikers a variety of events to select from.

This year we chose to participate in a ride that benefited 'Good Sports' foundation which provides sports equipment and opportunities for disadvantaged youth in urban cities.

We had a perfect summer day for this poker run that started in Millville, Massachusetts at the Pot Belly Pub...a real shit hole.  Their words, not mine!

 Approximately forty bikes showed up for this event which was a better turn out than organizers had anticipated since it was held during a busy summer weekend.

After drawing the first card for our poker hand, we hopped on the bike to join in supporting a good cause with bikers, young and old, some on harleys, others on sports bikes.

We even had our own biker chick waving the Harley flag. On your marks, get set, GOOOOO...

Headed down Route 122 and  made our way through small, rural towns

Our stop for the 2nd card of our poker hand was Waterfront Mary's, in Webster, Massachusetts. One of our favorite bars situated on Lake Chaubunagungamaug - say THAT five times fast.

Bike parking at Waterfront Mary's

Waterfront Mary's has a large outdoor patio with a bar and waitress service. Food is good and you can't get a much better view.

Mary's back deck

After a quick refreshment, we all headed to Cady's Tavern for the 3rd card of our poker hands.

Cady's Tavern
Cady's is located in Pascoag, Rhode Island on Route 44/Putnam Pike. A popular biker bar, Cady's hosts several biker runs each year.  We arrived to complimentary pulled pork sandwiches and chips were very much appreciated by all the bikers. From Cady's, we were off to Sticks Tavern in Glocester, RI.

Sticks backyard
Sticks Tavern, also located on Route 44, has a large outdoor space with several picnic tables and seating areas, as well as a large brick fire pit.  Inside, Sticks has a few pool tables, dart boards and several high def wide-screen televisions.

Although our stop was brief, I saw enough to know we will head back soon to spend more time.

Our ride ended back at the Pot Belly Pub in Millville, Massachusetts for food and entertainment.There was a large raffle with items such as concert tickets, restaurant gift certificates and several gift baskets. The winner of the poker hand won two tickets for prime seats at a future Red Sox game. I forget what the winning hand was, might have been four of a kind...one lucky lady...I did not even get a pair! Oh well...better luck next time.

Entertainment provided by local band - Exit 17
Thanks to these local biker bars that generously support the biker community and its causes. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surprising find in Greenville, Rhode Island

Decided to head south this past Sunday looking for a biker bar mentioned on several websites called 'Bonnie & Clydes' in Greenville, Rhode Island. Since we were somewhat familiar with the area, we went off with only the address in our head, no contact info, directions, etc.  Described on one website as a 'biker-friendly bar for the past twenty-five years', we had no reason to  believe it would be closed. Driving down Route 44, several times driving past the location we thought it should be, we decided to stop at the Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar, 743 Putnam Pike, Route 44.

We pulled into the parking lot which is paved, though small, and we could see a nice deck overlooking a pond. Only a few tables were full..a professional looking couple and an elderly couple, all nicely dressed. We were a bit ambivalent to go in (dressed in jeans) but peeked inside and a very friendly waitress said 'C'mon In'. Well, alright!  This looked nothing like a Bonnie & Clydes should look like so just assumed we wrote down the wrong address and decided to stay for lunch.

They allowed us to choose our own seating outside and promptly gave us menus and collected our drink orders.  The special of the day was 'sangria' by the glass or by the pitcher. I chose a glass at $4, regular price is $5.  Pitchers of sangria are $15. They have over 15 bottled beers available to chose from as well as several varities of wine and a full bar.

The lunch menu consists of many local seafood items..including clam cakes, stuffies and clam chowder. I chose a special of rhode island clam chowder and the clam cakes.  The clam cakes were delicious, cooked perfectly with the right amount of seasonings. We shared and appetizer of chicken wings and my husband had a flatbread pizza. Wings were spicy and pizza was cooked well done as requested. Majority of items were under $10.

Not sure if I would recommend for a large group of bikes. Their website indicates ' an elegant, yet affordable' place.  Not sure I would call it 'elegant' either. It is nice, dark wood, granite and nice views. We did not feel out of place in jeans, but we were there on a weekday afternoon and sitting outside. As we were getting ready to leave, a few other bikes pulled in. All were dressed in harley gear, headbands, vest, etc...we were happy to see other bikers there.

The Water's Edge is a nice restaurant and we would recommend but are not sure how welcoming they would be to a large group of bikers. 

And...came home to find out that this restaurant IS the old 'Bonnie & Clydes'...same address. Bonnie & Clyde's has closed. Oh well!

Contact Info:
Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar
743 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI