Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starting My Move from the Back Seat to the Front of the Bike

So tonight I am taking a course at a local Harley Davidson, called  'Skirts to Wrenches'.  This is an introductory course for women-only who are interested in getting their own bike.

I've been happy hanging on the back...and I still am...but I am ready to take the wheel and see where the roads take long as I can safely figure it all out!

Tonight is the first step. The class will go over safety, parts and recovery. I am especially excited to try to lift a bike the proper way...or any way, really....but can't imagine it is easy.

So wish me luck...and I will be sure to get lots of pics. Hopefully none with me under the bike! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Northeast Bike Expo - SOA Cast Stole the Show

Recently spent a fun night in Boston attending KevMarv's Northeast Motorcycle show. Held each year in January at the Seaport World Trade Center, the Boston expo seems to be the biggest and the best.

This year's draw was two members from the cast of Sons of Anarchy.  Originally, 'Juice' was scheduled to show but a scheduling conflict must have occurred and Juice was switched out for 'Bobby.'  In addition, Tigs was there to meet and greet.

Since Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows evahhh, I had been anticipating the expo for several months.

We arrived fairly early hoping to beat the crowds, but apparently so did everyone else! We were quite surprised to see the lines out the door at 11am....but Tigs and Bobby were there so it was understandable.  Made our way straight to the back where the stage and the guys were set-up. Took a look at the line, hour tops? Sure, let's do it. So we waited...and waited...and waited. Almost there....and then ten people in front of us, the guys took a lunch break and said they would be back in an hour. Ugh! At this point, we already waited for two hours...which went by quickly, drinking beers and meeting new friends. However, W.T.F? How much longer can we wait for a signature and a picture.

 We decided...well...we're in it this far, we might as well wait.  Grabbed a few more beers, made some more friends...and waited some more.  They took 90 minutes for lunch!  The five year old in line behind me had way more patience than I did.  Oh, and the funny part of all of this...I went to the bathroom and they were right next to me, without anyone around, and I didn't even notice until too late. Kinda spacey like that sometimes...but that would have saved me the four hours that it took to get up on stage to take a picture. Yes, four hours!  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit we waited that long but the guys took their time with each and every person that went up and acted like long lost friends. Signed all sorts of things, wish I had thought ahead and brought one of my DVDs. Oh well.

So, our turn is next....all the while my friends have been waiting in the bar next door...for four hours, because they don't understand the whole 'bike thing'...blowing up my text, where are you? what's up? what the hell? etc. etc. Basically, my patience is shot...been standing for hours, phone and camera are about to die and up walks a show model and sweet talks one of the stage hands into letting her cut the line.  If I wasn't a lady, I would've ripped the bitches extensions right out of her head.  And I really couldn't believe the kid let her do it, but guess he fell for the boobs sprawling out the shirt. Sure, you have a chance with her...just let her get a pic with 'Tigs'. Okay, I am getting worked up just thinking about it.  Moved the bitch along and it was our turn....

The guys made it SO worth the wait. They were funny and gracious and a lil frisky.

And even signed a few pictures for a special someone...

Bit of an inside joke but I got the Sons on my side...

Since we spent so much time in line, I really didn't get to see much of the show.

Snapped a few pics of vendors and bikes around the stage

A lot of people were buying tshirts and having the guys sign them

This was my favorite display and had my vote for best in show.

Few crotch rockets nearby...someday...I will have a pink bike. 

Had to leave right after the meet and greet..friends were impatiently waiting and it was getting late so went next door.

To the whiskey bar...this is where my friends were the entire time we were waiting to see Tigs and Bobby. Four hours in a whiskey do the math. Ouch.  Couple of shots to catch up...

And then a crazy night spent across the street at the Seaport Hotel...booze, bikers and no particular order. First time I have been motor-boated by someone I was not married to.  Not the way to a ladies heart, gentlemen.

Next morning...the cure for the mother of all hangovers...

It was a day/night to remember.