Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plenty of HOGS at this Pig

Cheap beer, free Sunday BBQs and friendly bartenders are found at this local watering hole. Pot Belly Pub, in Millville, Massachusetts is your quintessential biker bar and Millville's version of 'Cheers'. A lot of the same faces, sitting in the same chairs, telling the same stories...making it the fun environment that it is.

Parking is plentiful at this biker bar with onstreet spots as well as a large, paved lot along the side of the building. There is an outside deck and plenty of activities to keep guests entertained, including wide-screen televisions, dart boards, video games, keno and horseshoes. The Pot Belly is also unique in that it sits quite close to the tracks and trains are often seen whizzing by, rattling the back deck.

Pot Belly Pub, Millville has several beers on tap, specialty house drinks are generous and strong and $1 jello shots are always made available. Food is served through J&M Pizza, a separate business that is onsite in the back of the room. Owners are very friendly and offer a varied menu with traditional pizzeria food, including appetizers and hot sandwiches. The pizzas are excellent, and the wings come highly recommended.

Perhaps the busiest day of the week at this biker bar is Sundays while the weather is warm. Free burgers and dogs are grilled out on the back deck, and occasionally the house specialty cocktails are served. Delish!

Pot Belly Pub, Millville holds several charitable events and rides every year. Last year, they held an event to raise money for a local patron who sadly lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. They raised thousands of dollars for him, and bikers from all over showed up to support their fellow rider. Several runs are held throughout the year at this biker bar and the owner always seems more than willing to support his local community.

Although plenty of Hogs are found here, all bikers (and non-bikers) are welcome. So, head on out to Millville, Massachusetts, to the Pot Belly Pub and maybe we'll see you there??

Contact info:
Pot Belly Pub
187 Main Street
Millville, MA

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