Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Season in Review

The days are getting pretty chilly in New England and looks like the number of days to ride are coming to a close...for me anyway.  Some friends went out yesterday when the temperature was around 40 degrees...brrrrrrrr. Some day I will have the proper gear and will join, but for now, I will be content reminiscing about the fun riding season I had.

The season was a beauty. Days were warm, with little rain and not many were stifling with heat and humidity. We took full advantage and spent our time riding through New England. We were fortunate to visit many places within Vermont, Maine, RI, NH and Mass. Hmmm...seemed to have left out Connecticut...we're coming to you next year, my little Nutmeg state.

We spent a lot of time in New Hampshire, including taking a week-long vacation in a cabin along the shores of Lake Winnepausakee. We drove around the lake many times and stopped at several bars and restaurants, a few of which I have already reviewed on this blog.

Covered bridges are not just for Vermont! Many are found around the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

Enjoyed several picnics at the many free state parks located throughout New England.  Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, Masschusetts, pictured below, is our go-to for quick picnics but we discovered Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island, with a little help from our friends. It is truly a wonderful spot to take the bikes.

One of my favorite weekends this past summer was visiting Southern Maine. We drove along the coast, ate fresh seafood (well, I did anyway) and took in some wonderful sights.  The Bush Compound in Kennebunk is a popular stop. If you are lucky (or some may say 'unlucky'), you may just bump in to one of the Bush's in a local restaurant. Our friends dined right next to President Bush, Sr. and his wife, Barbara. 

The weather cooperated so we chose to extend the trip and drive over to Laconia for a stop at one of our favorite bars. Along the way, we came across the Hawg's Pen and stopped in for a quick beverage.  A longer visit is on our to-do list for next year. It's a cool place.

And you can't ride through Laconia without a stop at the Broken Spoke, can you?

We also participated in a few charity rides.  I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and spirit involved in tagging along on a poker run or a charity ride. Bikers are very generous and what a way to give back...doing something you love and helping out those less fortunate. Looking forward to participating in more rides next year.

A new destination for me, on the bike, is Bristol, Rhode Island. Many waterfront restaurants with beautiful views, outdoor seating and delicious food. A winter visit might be in order this year...don't think I can wait til the weather warms.

It's been a great summer, lots of riding and great times with good friends. Sad the season is just about over....road trip anyone?

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  1. I love it! I love the back seat view. I have some of the pics I have taken in OCT..... can I send them to you? The leaves in our area (MA, RI, CT)are fabulous.