Saturday, June 18, 2011

How's this for a View?

Every year during Laconia Bike Week, the Mt. Washington Auto Road closes for a day or two to motorcycles only for their 'Ride to the Sky'.  The steep road is a 7.6 mile ride to the top of the mountain, narrow and without guardrails. I've done it in a car and was scared to death so can't imagine riding up on a bike. And, since a rider died in 2009 on a ride down the mountain, I wasn't about to tempt my fate...that, and I wasn't invited...guy trip. But, I am not bitter....


  1. That sounds really cool, I would love to see some more photos of that - maybe get a chance to do it one day!
    Fantastic photos in your previous post! What a riding area that is. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks, rider! I do have several more photos that I am going to post...pretty awesome view. Stay tuned!