Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starting My Move from the Back Seat to the Front of the Bike

So tonight I am taking a course at a local Harley Davidson, called  'Skirts to Wrenches'.  This is an introductory course for women-only who are interested in getting their own bike.

I've been happy hanging on the back...and I still am...but I am ready to take the wheel and see where the roads take long as I can safely figure it all out!

Tonight is the first step. The class will go over safety, parts and recovery. I am especially excited to try to lift a bike the proper way...or any way, really....but can't imagine it is easy.

So wish me luck...and I will be sure to get lots of pics. Hopefully none with me under the bike! :)


  1. You will do great, and you will be surprised how easy it is!! (Tell them to pick up the bike with the kickstand under.) That is more challenging. Not everybody drops to the right. LOL!!

    Have fun, and get riding!! 62 here today, I am going to get some miles in!

  2. Yeah! Awesome! I'd love to go to one of these type of classes! Can't wait for your move to the front! It's really nice to be in control and go where you want, when! And, don't worry, there are usually a lot of men around that are more than happy to lift a bike once you "bump" it over. Trust me! ;)

  3. It was awesome, guys! Lifted a 650 lb bike...felt like superwoman, lol. Can't wait to take the riding course this spring!