Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quiet Sanctuary...and FREE Beer...during Daytona Bike Week?

What?? Peace and quiet, and free beer in Daytona, you say?? Oh yes, and we found it.  Well...Ormond actually, but same place, isn't it?

Ormond Crab House is located on US 1 but easy to miss...we actually drove right past and made a quick u-turn to check it out.

I think most riders concentrate on the Statey parked in the median and don't even see it. Here's a hint...the cop car is empty. We fell for it every time!

Being from New England, really wasn't sure how Florida seafood would compare but figured we'd enjoy a beer and sit by the water...can't go wrong with that.

Ordered beer from the owner, stand pictured below....asked how much...he said. Nothin'! Never charge for beer...we just ask for a donation to keep the place running.  Well, alright...we found our new spot.  I think we donated more than the solo cup of beer was worth but the gesture was very kind and he was a great guy...happy to help keep the place afloat.

They were offering oyster shooters for $1. Never had 'em before....and probably never will again. Trying to expand my life and experience new things...never needed to try these. I can confidently say oysters will not be a part of my new life. My friend loved them though...and I think they may have worked their magic on her cuz she had a nice little night for herself.  :)

I did like the steamers though...think I might have liked them even more than New England Steamers. Also had some delicious crab dip and bought extra to take back to house. Yummy.

Beautiful spot on the Intracoastal Waterway....with great people and delicious food. Highly recommend!

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