Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Northeast Motorcycle Expo - Motorcycles, Midgets and Mayhem Tour

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In New England, the riding season is short. As soon as the salt and sand hit the road, bikers wipe the tears from their eyes and tuck their bikes in to storage.

To fill the void for those not fortunate enough to head to warmer weather, many head to bike shows. In the Northeast, Kev-Marv Productions is in its 15th year hosting shows.

With bikes, wrestlers, local celebrities, models and music, there is certainly something for everyone.

2011 schedule:

Providence, RI Jan 8 -9
Salem, NH  Jan 15 - 16
Boston, MA  Jan 29 - 30
Chantilly, VA  Feb 19 - 20
Hartford, CT  Feb 26 - 27
Wilmington, MA March 12 -13
Phil, PA  March 19 - 20 
Admission is $15 for adults/$7 for kids. $2off coupons can be found on their site:

This past weekend we made it to the Providence show at the convention center. We went on a Sunday afternoon and things appeared to be winding down and I was a little disappointed. I think it would be really helpful if they posted a schedule of the events online so visitors can plan better. For example, Playboy Model Nicole Cormier was scheduled to be there. I'm sure the old man was a little disheartened to see he missed Not so much...

Mom's (Motorcycles of Manchester) was the sponsor for this show. They had a large selection of new and used bikes; Harley, Honda and sports bikes, with show sales.

Paint jobs above and below were awesome but I know nothing about them other than I liked 'em enough to take pictures. Should probably pay more attention to the details but I get caught up in the whole people thing...note to attention.

Of course there were several hot girls to get your picture taken with or who are willing to pose. I think the woman below was with NewEngland Biker, but again...those details...not so good at them.

Rythm Drivers provided the entertainment.  It was nice to sit and enjoy a beer while listening to some oldies and classic rock.  This convention center had food available, not sure if others will. There was a full bar and prices for beers were $5, I think? Probably varies by venue. 

K, so who doesn't love a Carnie? I know I was very intrigued about the Finnegan 10-in-One Circus Sideshow act that was performing.

I really was expecting tattooed contortionists and flame throwers but instead...a man hammering and drilling stuff into his nose. Really....

The show is more along the lines of a JackAss-SteveO skit...eating glass, drinking windex and laying on nails. It was entertaining but I am a tad sqeamish and found it a bit disturbing...especially the claw hammer yanking a nail out of the guys nose. Why didn't it hit is brain? I don't know, maybe it has and that is why he drills shit into face. They sell old-school t-shirts for five bucks a piece...

I knew the Half-Pint Brawlers were there, and let's be honest, who isn't a tad curious of 'little people' be politically correct. As I said earlier, things seemed slow at the end of the day and I was afraid I missed them. While getting a beer I asked the bartender where the 'little people' were wrestling and he said 'ya mean the midgets?'. So much for political correctness...

Soon enough they came running through the large crowd. They have a show on Spike TV, will soon be appearing on MTV and have quite a following. The two wrestlers that got in the ring were Puppet and Kato.  There was more nose stuff to be in stapling a dollar bill to it, and to the stomach could barely take it. I know a lot of wrestling is exaggerated but I was up front and saw it firsthand, and then it being ripped off...and then the blood. Ick. Gonna have to toughen up if I want to hang with the big boys, I guess. They put on a great show and were available after to meet people and sign autographs.

Plenty of merchants were there selling their wares. Helmets, parts, t-shirts, koozies, leather...I would love to have seen a jewelry vendor..difficult to find biker jewelry that doesn't have a Harley logo on it. Good business opportunity, right there.

Paint jobs on some of the bikes were amazing. I think these below were for sale...maybe not...I don't know...damn details.

Perhaps I will move from the backseat to the side someday...nahh, doubt it...I find these frightening...not sure what difference is, but it looks like a much more vulnerable position to be in.Cool ride, though...

Now, I don't know a lot about Motorcycle Clubs, other than what I have learned on Sons of Anarchy. What I do know is...I find them a bit scary. No reasoning behind this...have seen too many movies probably. Anyway, I don't think the Hells Angels were sponsors but they had several booths and there were many in attendance. I was able to point out a prospect...thanks to patch...see, I do pay attention occasionally.

Let's move on before I get myself in to trouble...Dinah Deville was there posing for pics. She is a pin-up model and burlesque queen and is shown below on's ride the 'Midnight Crisis'. Reminded me of Betty Page...with lots of tattoos...pretty.

A couple of hours at the show is enough...we walked around several times, listened to the band for a bit and watched two shows.  It was fun.  After, we went to Mohegan Sun to see Josh Thompson...not relevant, I know...but it wrapped up a great day!


  1. Looks like a rockin event. Nice pics too.

  2. You are such a good photo-journalist. You capture the and relate the heart and soul of your experiences in a way that I and others can easily relate to as we see your experience through our eyes. Big props!!! - AR

  3. thanks for the feedback...really appreciate it! :-)