Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Ole-Man Winter....Snow in 49 States?

Scratch that...Ole-Man Winter? Get Lost!

I'm moving to Florida...the ONLY state in the country without snow!?  What the heck is going on?  Two feet of fresh snow in my backyard...on top of the foot that was already

Just returned from North Georgia, it's colder there than in Massachusetts. Bartender told us yesterday that this recent storm was worst the area has seen since the 70s...and it is only January. Ugh!

Record- breaking cold for this week and another storm on the way..running out of places to put the snow...

Riding season seems so far away...

I am a New Englander...we bitch about the's what we do..


  1. Well you might consider Texas too (no state income tax). If you are in central to southern Texas you will hardly ever see snow. Summer is a might warm though.

  2. Oh, way too hot in Texas! Although the 'no state income tax' is tempting. Isn't there anywhere with 70 degree days, all day, every day? :-)

  3. I'd say come to Arkansas, but for a state that hardly ever gets snow, it's snowed 4 times this year! Although, it snowed last week and this week we are supposed to have 70 degree weather. That's Arkansas for ya! Glad you stopped by my blog. Your's is great too! I have another blog if you're interested in recipes