Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have not forgotten about you, my friends!

Just returned from a girl's trip...with a broken ankle so am a bit indisposed, and quite frankly, pissed myself. Remind me to never karaoke 'I feel like a woman' with a group of gay men...didn't turn out so well.  Very excitable crowd.

Working on Vegas, Part II and few other fun posts...don't leave me :-)

In the meantime, anyone ever been to Iron Boar Saloon in Pigeon Forge...right next to Harley dealer. They can only sell beer and wine, no hard alcohol so margaritas are made with wine. How weird is that?

Oh, and whoever painted this figure at HillBilly Village, also in Pigeon Forge, was very detailed but seems to have forgotten her shirt.


  1. Hey! Sorry about your foot but it sounds like a good story! Hope you feel better soon! I just updated my blog, a foot issue as well has been a bother, walking cast and all for the last month, so I feel your pain and frustration! Hmm...great minds must think alike and get injured alike! :) Get well soon!

  2. Hey Jess! It is quite a story, lol, getting too old for these shenanigans. Sorry about your foot...really is a pain, isn't it? Hopefully, I will have a boot in about 3 weeks so I can get around better. Right now relying on my teenage! lol. Thanks for your comment and kind thoughts :) Michele