Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does what happens in Vegas, actually stay in Vegas?

Perhaps, but since this trip was rated PG-13...well, maybe an 'R', I thought it'd be okay to share. I've been to Vegas many times and usually do the same thing, gamble, drink, shop, repeat. This visit, I wanted a taste of life outside the strip...is there life beyond the strip, you ask?  Why, yes there is, thanks for asking! Here's my version:

First up, before we even checked in to hotel, we made a reservation with EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals located on Arville Street, few minutes away from strip. We've rented from another company before but prefer this one now because they pick up and drop off at hotel so no cab fare - about a $40 savings RT.  I know this, because they forgot us...after calling they told us to take a cab and they would reimburse fare. Finally arrived, they didn't have our reservation and were completely out of bikes. At this point, I'm thinking Divine Intervention is at work here and we should just call it a day. Plus, I'd been up since 3am and was beyond bitchy...though I didn't show it...I've worked in Customer Service, I know the drill...you get more bees with honey than with vinegar, and in this case, honey got us a bike. Whew! Not sure where it came from and wasn't our choice of bike, but whatever. Rolling with the punches.

After taking a spin around the building, we were off...on our turquoise Ultra Classic. Ick, was my first reaction. Now, I have to admit I have discriminated against this bike, seemed to me to be a two-wheel version of a mini-van (don't get mad at me if you ride one, I eventually come to terms with it!).

I have fought tooth and nail my entire adult life to stay away from a mini-van...yes, it is convenient, yes, there is plenty of room, blah, blah, blah...but where is the coolness factor? There is none and I felt the same way about the Glide...yes, it is comfortable, yes there is more room, but isn't it for old people? Stuck in traffic on the strip, with bobble-head rental helmets, the only thing missing was a neon-orange flag poking up off the back. To get some of our coolness back, we went to the first dive bar on my list - Double Down Saloon, on Paradise Road, which is behind the strip...somewhere, I suck at directions.

The sign out front indicates Double Down is the 'Happiest Place on Earth'...I thought that was Disney, but I'm thinking a bar that makes a bacon martini might have Mickey beat.

First stop was the restroom, there was some pretty good art in there. Do you think Picasso did his best work sitting on the john? Looked like some artists may be wasting their good talent on bathroom walls. Oh, and the toilet was duct-taped together with some cardboard. Some ladies might be horrified, perhaps even some men, but not me...I was starting to like the place...

Since I had been on the plane all day and hadn't had a chance to eat, I was starving. This was dinner...

Unfortunately, food is not served at Double Down, though you can get a twinke and some a$$ juice for $5.  And, in case you were wondering what a$$ juice looks like...here it is.

Actually sweet and more of a girly shot. Needing some food, we ventured off to Mr. D's Sports Bar and Grill at 1810 South Rainbow Blvd. It's a bit a way from the strip but known for being biker friendly and has cheap beer. Our kind of place.

 After surviving a long winter, the bikes under the lit palm trees were a welcome site.

Beers were a couple bucks, burgers and sandwiches were around $7 and were delicious.

Busy inside with a local crowd. People wanted to know how we found the place, but I don't divulge my secrets...unless it is on my blog...for the whole world to see. Found both places on yelp.com.

During our conversation, we learned that our bartender was also from Massachusetts, not far from where we live...it's small, small world...says the top she was wearing. I kid...just jealous, don't listen to me.

A beer, a sandwich and stick a fork in me...DONE. Longgg day of planes, trains and automobiles...and motorcycles, so we hopped on the bike, rode back to the hotel and parked in the free parking garage. Plenty of spots and the majority of hotels on strip have them, so not to worry if you decide to rent.

9pm in Vegas...in bed. Viva las Vegas!  

To be continued....


  1. Looks like someone is having a great time exploring the area! Looking forward to 2nd part of the story!
    How did you not touch those bartender lady bits? Or was that the R rated version? LOL

  2. That, my friend, would stay in Vegas :-)

  3. Awesome read. I am so jealous. I think my next Vegas trip will involve bars and bikes. I'm always too lured by the pool and cabanas with their shade and top notch customer service (which they should ensure at 250 bucks for a day).