Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday....bloody, Funday!

Entrance to Lincoln Woods
For many, Sunday is a day of rest but not for these cowpokes.
Sunday is a day to ride in search of local biker-friendly establishments or to visit some of our favorite destinations. Sometimes with a group of friends and other times, just the two of us. It's a day of fun and the perfect way to prepare for the long week ahead.

This past weekend, we chose to visit one of our recent, yet quickly becoming a favorite, biker-friendly find.

Lincoln Woods State Park, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island is an easy find off 95 on Rte. 146. There is no entrance fee, however, there is a $2 charge for a private picnic area with fireplace.

Throughout the park, there is a beautiful lake with a public beach and canoe and kayak rentals.  Next to the beach there is a large, paved parking lot.

We have visited a few times this summer and hung out in a few of their picnic areas. Some are easy to park in with packed, level dirt spaces, however, some are on hills with a lot of rocks. Before paying for the picnic area, we drive around to see what is available, which ones are easy to park in, and have some privacy and then head back to the front office.  We have found the perfect spot, pictured below.  But...I'm keepin' it a secret!  Want to make sure it is there for us the next time we visit. :-)

Look at that view...and, only $2 to reserve for the day.

Favorite site
So this is the set-up...we (or shall I say, my husband) bring a bag of charcoal, a stocked cooler and all the fixins' for a bbq.  Then, my favorite 'spatula-man' does what he does best and fires up the harley travel grill (don't have one? No worries...there is also a bbq/fireplace pit in most, if not all, sites). 

Picnic at Lincoln Woods

The end result....not your average picnic meal, is it?

Keep in mind that the park is 'trash in, trash out'. Meaning no trash barrels...you leave with what you came with.  We found out the hard way on a previous visit with a couple of friends...had to ride around on the back of the Harley carrying a bag of trash. Wish we got a picture. 

After a quick clean-up, we had dessert and watched as the sun set on a beautiful fall day in New England. Life does not get much better!

Oh, and the park is open year round from sunrise to sunset..and trust me, they do lock the gates at sunset!

Contact details:
Lincoln Woods State Park
2 Manchester Print Works Road
Lincoln, RI  

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