Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shenanigans at State Park in Bristol, RI

Entrance to Colt State Park, Bristol, RI
Labor Day weekend this year was a gorgeous time in New England. Plenty of sun, blue skies with puffy clouds and perfect temperature. Conditions were excellent for riding so hooked up with a pair of friends we have known since high other words....a longgg time! Great friends.

We have always had fun together so were very excited to try out one of their favorite riding destinations to Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.

After stopping at a local liquor store to pick up a beer...or two...we made our way to the park.  Not sure if there is an admission charge, there was nobody at guard shack so passed through the gate. There is a loop to drive around that borders the ocean then goes through some woods and around the bay.

We went the day after the so-called hurricane 'Earle' so water was choppy and winds were heavy but it was warm and felt good.  Riding along the edge of the ocean with the seaspray splashing up at us was pretty cool.

On this Saturday of a long weekend, the park was very busy, several large groups (reunions and weddings), lots of couples, families flying kites...whole smorgasbord of people. And still, plenty of space to spread out...lots of empty picnic tables with beautiful views. So we found a picnic table with a beautiful view and sat with our friends for a while. Pic below shows that even on a busy day, there are tables with space available.

Here we are with our 'beverages'...haven't drank out of brown paper bag in a long time, well not sure I ever have but it was kind of fun! Felt a little dangerous with my large beer can and brown paper bag...dangerous, you say?  Yeah, for is...what can I say, I'm a bit boring.

Up to shenanigans at state park...shhhhh!

We were lazy and just sat and enjoyed each others company with a wonderful view but there is a lot more to do than just lounge. Colt Park has activities for all types...there is a bike trail, plenty of places to walk and hike, and we even saw some people fishing. 

We enjoyed our time so much we decided to go back the next day, just hubby and I. We packed a picnic and came back with our portable Harley charcoal grill.  We had concerns about the flame staying lit so drove around the back of the park to the bay side, which is much more calm. Seems to be less busy as well so it was very nice for our picnic for two.

Bay side picnic area
You can see from picture above that we had plenty of space, it was not private as we were close to the parking lot and there were families around flying kites, etc...but we had plenty of space.

Harley charcoal grill
So how cool is that little grill above?  Guys, let me tell is worth the money, if you can find one. My husband cooked me a great lunch with boneless chicken, beans, and a salad...even served it with wine.  It was a phenomenal afternoon. and trust me..your lady will thank you for heart grew three sizes that day...just like the grinch.

View across bay side

Only saw one bathroom but did not use it.  Real toilets though...none of this porta-potty nonsense. Garbage cans also seem to be lacking...perhaps it is 'take what you bring'...not sure.

We really enjoyed our time here and can't wait to go back.  Oh and bonus points for the Del's Lemonade truck making the rounds on both days.

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