Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surprising find in Greenville, Rhode Island

Decided to head south this past Sunday looking for a biker bar mentioned on several websites called 'Bonnie & Clydes' in Greenville, Rhode Island. Since we were somewhat familiar with the area, we went off with only the address in our head, no contact info, directions, etc.  Described on one website as a 'biker-friendly bar for the past twenty-five years', we had no reason to  believe it would be closed. Driving down Route 44, several times driving past the location we thought it should be, we decided to stop at the Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar, 743 Putnam Pike, Route 44.

We pulled into the parking lot which is paved, though small, and we could see a nice deck overlooking a pond. Only a few tables were full..a professional looking couple and an elderly couple, all nicely dressed. We were a bit ambivalent to go in (dressed in jeans) but peeked inside and a very friendly waitress said 'C'mon In'. Well, alright!  This looked nothing like a Bonnie & Clydes should look like so just assumed we wrote down the wrong address and decided to stay for lunch.

They allowed us to choose our own seating outside and promptly gave us menus and collected our drink orders.  The special of the day was 'sangria' by the glass or by the pitcher. I chose a glass at $4, regular price is $5.  Pitchers of sangria are $15. They have over 15 bottled beers available to chose from as well as several varities of wine and a full bar.

The lunch menu consists of many local seafood items..including clam cakes, stuffies and clam chowder. I chose a special of rhode island clam chowder and the clam cakes.  The clam cakes were delicious, cooked perfectly with the right amount of seasonings. We shared and appetizer of chicken wings and my husband had a flatbread pizza. Wings were spicy and pizza was cooked well done as requested. Majority of items were under $10.

Not sure if I would recommend for a large group of bikes. Their website indicates ' an elegant, yet affordable' place.  Not sure I would call it 'elegant' either. It is nice, dark wood, granite and nice views. We did not feel out of place in jeans, but we were there on a weekday afternoon and sitting outside. As we were getting ready to leave, a few other bikes pulled in. All were dressed in harley gear, headbands, vest, etc...we were happy to see other bikers there.

The Water's Edge is a nice restaurant and we would recommend but are not sure how welcoming they would be to a large group of bikers. 

And...came home to find out that this restaurant IS the old 'Bonnie & Clydes'...same address. Bonnie & Clyde's has closed. Oh well!

Contact Info:
Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar
743 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI

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