Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is in Fashion at Seacoast Harley-Davidson

Recently spent the afternoon at a fashion show at Seacoast Harley-Davidson in North Hampton, New Hampshire....not the same as Hampton, NH. That might be obvious to most, but unfortunately, not for me...ended up at a vacant lot. Thank goodness for the gps.

We arrived at 2pm, the starting time of the show and were surprised to get the very last parking spot...well, had to make our own, really...banked the truck in a pile of snow.  We were also surprised to see the show had started right on time and had already begun. Not sure why I was surprised....I tend to run late and am always a tad shocked when events start without me. :-) In any event, it was standing room only at that point, and even then, space to see stage was tough... my problem, not theirs.  

 In the main showroom, the music was pumping and the runway was ready for the models.

The hosts/emcees of the event were employees of Seacoast, all decked out in H-D gear...proceeds for this show were going to the New England Walkers for Knockers, a group that particpates in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and has raised over $100,000 to help fight breast cancer. The group also holds a bike run out of Seacoast some time in the fall. More info can be found here:

On to the show...there were models of both sexes, all ages and different sizes. Harley seems to be catering better towards women now, a bigger selection of fashionable hats, belts and boots...and after all...who does the majority of the spending?

A rider's staple, jeans are always in style...

A nice lightweight jacket, and short-sleeve shirt will be great for warm summer rides

Thigh high boots and skinny jeans are big this season and look hot...

In keeping with its location, Seacoast Harley has a nautical theme with a large sailboat hanging from its ceiling that was above the runway.

Back to the this a typical married couple, or what? She wants to hold hands and he is ignoring her...hmmmm...I think it was more because his real wife was in the audience, but not sure.

New from H-D this season is their 'Pink Collection'. Pretty in pink and ultra-feminine. Portion of the proceeds are donated to Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization, which provides support to breast cancer patients.

Something for the ladies...

Think it worked for her.

That was a tough act to follow but this guy pulled it off nicely with a new short-sleeve button up for warmer weather.

After the show, the store was crowded with shoppers, even got myself a lil something. Well, a $50 lil something...Harley clothing, though I love it, is ridiculously overpriced. Captive audience, I suppose.

In addition to the fashion show, Texas Roadhouse was on site serving up some tasty BBQ.

Seacoast H-D is a great dealership. Bikes are on the top floor, which was also busy on this day. I hope people were buying bikes...get the economy pumping.

Though it was a winter day, it was sunny and a bit mild...and mild for us New Englanders is 30/40 degrees, so several road their bikes to the show.

Seacoast H-D also runs the store in Rochester, NH and has recently acquired the Boston H-D. Looking forward to exciting things from this dealer.

Contact Info:
Seacoast Harley-Davidson
17 Lafayette Road
North Hampton, NH 03862
Phone: 603-964-9959


  1. You can never go wrong with denim and leather. :)

  2. Throw in a bike and you have yourself a party :-) Thanks for visiting!