Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paramount Harley-Davidson Warms up a 'Chili' Winter Day

Paramount H-D, in Framingham, MA, recently hosted a chili contest sponsored by the Metrowest HOGS. And what better way to warm up a cold, winter day than a piping hot bowl of spicy chili.
This February day I joined many guests and other members of  New England HOG chapters to sample and vote on our favorite chili.

There were ten entrants in this year's contest. Judges each paid $5 to taste and vote for their favorite chili. All proceeds for the event were donated to Metrowest Harvest, which distributes food to local shelters and food pantries. This unique organization picks up high-quality, unused food from weddings,  banquets, and events and delivers to those most in need.

The Paramount H-D service manager graciously closed the service bay for the day so there was ample room to walk around and sample the entrants. The dealership also offered a 10% discount on apparel and accessories to HOG members.

The ladies of Metrowest HOG pulled it all together...sold tickets, collected money, tallied the votes, etc.etc. etc...ya know, all the grunt work us ladies have to do...

Just like real men eat quiche, real ladies eat chili....quiche does suck though, doesn't it?

Scraping the bottom of the pan for the good stuff ...think this one was a fave

Chili tamale...

Thankfully there was a late contender because the trays were licked clean. The new batch was devoured as quickly as the first ten.

Paul Yorkis, chapter secretary and activities officer of Metrowest HOG,  tallied the votes...

 May I have your attention, please....the winners of this year's Metrowest HOG Chili Cook-off are:

3rd place goes to... David D.

 2nd place winner - Mark L.

 And the winner is...drum roll, please.......Rick L.

Congrats on your wins, gentlemen. Each entrant had their own special recipe, some had corn, some beans, some without, all had different levels of heat. The winner Rick has worked hard to perfect his recipe and has won several competitions. When asked if he would be willing to share his secret, he said, “I’ll tell ya what’s in it, you’re not going to be able to recreate it!” Oh, it's onnn....see you next year, Rick!

Contact Info:
Paramount Harley-Davidson
266 Waverly Street
Framingham, MA  01701

Metrowest HOG
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  1. Looks like a fun day was had by all and some good money raised for charity, I've always said bikers are good caring people and we are the same all over the world - what other group of people gets together to help others? None that I can think of. I've often read about "Chili" and seen it on TV etc., I would love to taste it!

  2. Cool weather, bikes, a dealer and Chili? Doesn't get better than that!
    We held our Chili Willi run late since we waited for the snow to melt.

  3. Thanks, guys! This really was a great've never tried chili, rider? Ground beef with a should try it!